12:45PM, Thursday, October 6th 2005.
Gates 104

Declarative Overlays

Petros Maniatis
Intel Research, Berkeley

About the talk:
Overlay networks are used today in a variety of distributed systems ranging from file-sharing and storage systems to communication infrastructures.  However, designing, building and adapting these overlays to the intended application and the target environment is a difficult and time-consuming process.  To ease the development and the deployment of such overlay networks we have implemented P2, a system that uses a declarative logic language to express overlay networks in a highly compact and reusable form.  P2 can express a Narada-style mesh network in 16 rules, and a Chord structured overlay in only 47 rules.  P2 directly parses and executes such specifications using a dataflow architecture to construct and maintain overlay networks.  In this talk, I will motivate P2, describe its design, illustrate its functionality by example, and sketch the wealth of opportunities that open up when complex distributed algorithms are designed, implemented, debugged, and optimized with P2.

About the speaker:
Petros Maniatis is a Senior Researcher at Intel Research, Berkeley.  He holds Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University.  His research focuses on distributed systems, security, and mobility.