12:45PM, Thursday, January 27th 2005.
Gates 104


The Past, Present, and Future of Video Telephony: A Systems Perspective

Dave Lindbergh
Polycom Inc.

About the talk:
Video telephony has been confidently predicted as the killer app of the future since at least 1927, yet attempt after attempt has met with failure in the marketplace. Looking at the problem from a systems perspective - the whole application as perceived by users - the speaker will examine what has worked, what hasn't worked (yet), and what it will take for video telephony to make the transition from niche to successful mass-market application.  Early "television" was envisioned as an extension of the telephone, rather than an extension of radio. Today, video conferencing is a successful application in enterprise environments, but most conference rooms still don't have video conferencing systems, despite ever-cheaper and more capable equipment - the remaining barriers to widespread adoption will be discussed. In the near future 3G networks and ubiquitous broadband IP access will enable high-quality video communication for the mass-market. The speaker will discuss the challenges that must be addressed before such systems can be successfully adopted.

About the speaker:
Dave Lindbergh directs the standardization activities of the video division of Polycom Inc.  Dave has been active in US and international standardization work since 1993, including Committee T1, TIA, IETF, ISO/IEC and ITU, where he was a principal contributor to ITU-T Recommendations H.223, H.224, H.281, and V.140, served as editor for Recs. H.226, H.239, H.241, and H.324, and as chairman of the H.324 Systems Experts group, the H.264 Requirements Profiles and Levels group, and the H.264 Applications ad-hoc group.  He is currently Rapporteur for ITU-T Study Group 16 Question 23, Media Coding.  In the IMTC (http://www.imtc.org), Dave chairs the Requirements Work Group and co-chairs the Media Processing and IPR Activity Groups, as well as serving on the Board of Directors.   Dave is a co-author of Digital Compression for Multimedia: Principles and Standards (Morgan Kaufmann, 1998), a contributor to Multimedia Communications (Academic Press, 2001) and the Wiley Encyclopedia of Telecommunications (John Wiley & Sons, 2002).  In 2002 he received an IMTC Leadership Award for his contributions to the standards community.  In 1990 Dave co-founded CD Atlas Company, a multimedia mapping startup.  As a consulting engineer, he designed modem protocols and software, and developed the APT (Asynchronous Performance Tester) data communications measurement tool used in the modem industry.  In 1981 Dave founded Lindbergh Systems, maker of OMNITERM data communications software.  He is credited with two U.S. patents in the field of data compression and data communications.