12:45PM, Thursday, December 2nd 2004.
Gates 104


Telecom Economics and Telecom Dogmas

Andrew Odlyzko
University of MInnesota

About the talk:
 The telecommunications industry is in a crisis.  It has to deal with the consequences of the huge overinvestment and malinvestment of the late 1990s. It also has to prepare for the disruption of a fundamental restructuring that will be brought about by the shift to broadband.  Many of the basic telecom dogmas are hobbling progress and misdirecting research and deployment efforts. This lecture will survey the main economic factors that are likely to affect the development of the telecom industry for the rest of this decade.

About the speaker:
Andrew Odlyzko is Director of the interdisciplinary Digital Technology Center and an Assistant Vice President for Research at the University of Minnesota.  Prior to assuming that position in 2001, he devoted 26 years to research and research management at Bell Telephone Laboratories, AT&T Bell Labs, and AT&T Labs, as that organization evolved and changed its name.  He has written over 150 technical papers in computational complexity, cryptography, number theory, combinatorics, coding theory, analysis, probability theory, and related fields, and has three patents.  The projects he has managed have been in diverse areas, such as security, formal verification methods, parallel and distributed computation,
and auction technology.  In recent years he has also been working on electronic publishing, electronic commerce, and economics of data networks, and is the author of such widely cited papers as "Tragic loss or good riddance: The impending demise of traditional scholarly journals,"The bumpy road of electronic commerce"," "Paris Metro Pricing for the Internet," "Content is not king," and "The history of communications and its implications for the Internet."  He has an honorary doctorate from Univ. Marne la Vallee and serves on editorial boards of over 20 technical journals, as well as on several advisory and supervisory bodies.  His email address is odlyzko@umn.edu, and all his recent papers as well as further information can be found on his home page at <http://www.dtc.umn.edu/~odlyzko>.