12:45PM, Thursday, November 18th 2004.
Gates 104


Convergence in Ad Hoc Networking Protocols

Charles Perkins
Nokia Research Center

About the talk:
Within the IETF, the working group for Mobile Ad Hoc Networking [manet] has recently made new steps towards standardizing new routing protocols.  I will discuss these recent steps forward, and to give concrete examples I will describe more specifically some recent improvements to "Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector" protocol (AODV) [RFC 3561].  I will describe in brief certain aspects of the four major contenders for standardization in the IETF, and give some opinions about how a convergence may be effected.  Convergence between protocols does provide a significant force for acceptance, and so technology that finds commonality between otherwise divergent protocols is highly desirable.  The good and recent news is that commonality has been identified, so that link-state and distance-vector protocols can be merged, as well as (possibly!) proactive and reactive protocols.  Along the way, much has been learned about the basic nature of routing protocols, and yet much remains to be learned.  Creating convergence promises to remain an exciting, enlightening, and timely process.

About the speaker:

Charles E. Perkins is a Nokia Fellow in the Communication Systems Laboratory at Nokia Research Center, investigating mobile wireless networking and dynamic configuration protocols.  He is the editor for several ACM and IEEE journals for areas related to wireless networking.  He is serving as document editor for the mobile-IP working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and is author or co-author of standards-track documents in the mip4, mip6, manet, and seamoby (Seamless Mobility) working groups. Charles is currently program committee co-chair for MobiHoc 2004, and has served on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) of the IETF and on various committees for the National Research Council.  He is also associate editor for Mobile Communications and Computing Review, the official publication of ACM SIGMOBILE, and has served on the editorial staff for IEEE Internet Computing magazine.  Charles has authored and edited books on Mobile IP and Ad Hoc Networking, and has published a number of papers and award winning articles in the areas of mobile networking, ad-hoc networking, route optimization for mobile networking, resource discovery, and automatic configuration for mobile computers.  See http://people.nokia.net/charliep for further details.