12:45PM, Thursday, November 4th 2004.
Gates 104

 Worm Defense: Looking Through the Crystal Ball


Nicholas Weaver
ICSI, Berkeley

About the talk:
Worms, self propagating malicious programs, represent perhaps the greatest threat to our network-connected infrastructure.  Fortunately, there is a considerable amount of research effort focused on creating viable defenses against this threat.
This talk attempts to predict the future: Rather than what the worm battlefield looks like today, we attempt to estimate tomorrow's defenses.  These defenses will be lan-centric: built into the network fabric rather than relying on end-host software.  Patch and network management tools will become more flexible, while a new generation of active defenses, centered around keying in on specific worm behavior (behavioral signatures) will be used to actively detect and block worms as they spread.

About the speaker:
Nicholas Weaver is a postdoctoral researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley.