Note the new location for the seminar.

Thursday, March 11th 2004.
Room Packard 202

 Defending Public-access Sites Against DDoS Attacks


Katerina Argyraki

Stanford University

About the talk:
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against public-access sites are difficult to filter: A single attack can involve millions of traffic flows, while a sophisticated router typically supports less than 250,000 filters. I will present Active Internet Traffic Filtering (AITF), a filter management protocol for protecting public-access sites against such large-scale attacks.
AITF pushes filtering of attack traffic as close as possible to the attack sources, i.e., to the edges of the network, where there are more filtering resources per attack source. I will present results for a variety of simulated attack scenarios, which indicate that AITF protects a significant amount of the victim's bandwidth, while requiring a number of filters that can be easily accommodated in today's routers.

About the speaker:
Katerina Argyraki is a Ph.D. student with the Distributed Systems Group.