Note the new location for the seminar.

Thursday, October 23th, 2003
Room 202, Packard Building

 Apocrypha: Making P2P Overlays Network-aware

Prasanna Ganesan

Stanford University

About the talk:
 A peer-to-peer(P2P) system consists of a dynamic set of nodes that organizes itself in an overlay network. In general, this overlay network may have nothing to do with the location of nodes on the physical network. We propose a generic, distributed hill-climbing mechanism called Apocrypha to make any P2P overlay "network-aware'', and thus improve its quality. We demonstrate the applicability and utility of Apocrypha on two different P2P systems: the Chord system which uses a deterministic overlay topology, and the Gnutella system which operates on an ad hoc topology. We also describe new, improved routing protocols for the Chord system, and introduce the long-circuit phenomenon in Gnutella. 

This is joint work with Qixiang Sun and Hector Garcia-Molina.

About the speaker:
Prasanna Ganesan is a PhD student working with Prof. Hector Garcia-Molina. His research interests include Peer-to-Peer Systems, Databases and Algorithms. If you desperately want to learn more about him, try Google.