Thursday, November 21st, 2002
Room 104, Gates Computer Science Building

Optimizing the Migration of Virtual Computers

Costa Sapuntzakis
Stanford University

About the talk:

Tired of carrying a laptop? With the help of VMware, we can take the state of your PC and move it around a network to a machine close to you.

Tired of administering your own system? Over the network, we'll send you a pre-configured PC with a mix of applications and OS that have been extensively tested for compatibility. Oh, and that PC has the latest security patches too.

PCs hold a huge amount of data; they have gigabytes of local disk and hundreds of megabytes in RAM. How do we move so much data? In this talk, I'll show you four ways to reduce how much travels over the network. With these techniques and a DSL link, your PC state can move between home and work while you commute.

About the speaker:

Costa has been working towards his PhD at Stanford University since 1998. Before that, he spent five years at MIT, getting both a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science. His recent work includes the iSCSI block storage transport and the Collective computing utility. His interests include programming languages, operating systems, networks, and storage.