12:45 PM, Thursday, October 3rd, 2002
Room 104, Gates Computer Science Building

Internet Indirection Infrastructure

Ion Stoica
UC Berkeley

About the talk:

Attempts to generalize the Internet's point-to-point communication abstraction to provide services like multicast, anycast, and mobility have faced challenging technical problems and deployment barriers. To ease the deployment of such services, this talk proposes an overlay-based Internet Indirection Infrastructure i3 that offers a rendezvous-based communication abstraction. Instead of explicitly sending a packet to a destination, each packet is associated with an identifier; this identifier is then used by the receiver to obtain the packet. This level of indirection decouples the act of sending from the act of receiving, and allows i3 to efficiently support a wide variety of fundamental communication services. To demonstrate the feasibility of this approach, we have designed and built a prototype based on the Chord lookup system. To demonstrate its flexibility we have used i3 to provide support for mobility, and develop a reliable and scalable multicast protocol.

About the speaker:

Ion Stoica received his PhD from the Carnegie Mellon University in 2000. He is an Assistant Professor in the EECS Department at University of California at Berkeley, where he does research on resource management, scalable solutions for end-to-end quality of service, and peer-to-peer network technologies in the Internet. Stoica is the recipient the ACM doctoral dissertation award (2001).