12:45 PM, Thursday, January 17th, 2002
Room 104, Gates Computer Science Building

OCCAM: Open Conditional Content Access Management

David R. Cheriton
Cisco Systems, Inc. (and Stanford University)

About the talk:

The Internet is moving to much higher speeds as a result of improvements in technology, making it soon feasible to deliver high-quality video, including feature films. However, without an adequate content protection scheme, there is serious concern about excessive piracy of this expensive-to-produce content. Content protection schemes are used in other areas, such a cable distribution, DVDs, etc. yet these schemes are proprietary, closed and often weak, inconsistent with the Internet model of open, best-of-breed, standard protocols.

OCCAM is content protection scheme being proposed by Cisco Systems as an open standard approach to address this issue.

This talk describes the challenge/opportunity of content protection, the OCCAM approach and how it fits into the overall digital rights management (DRM) area that has emerged, plus a little about my adventures in Hollywood and Washington, promoting OCCAM.

About the speaker:

David Cheriton has been a professor of computer science at Stanford since 1981, specializing in networking, distributed systems, operating systems. Since 1996, he has also been a technical advisor at Cisco Systems in the Gigabit Switching Business Unit led by Andy Bechtolsheim, after Cisco acquired Granite Systems, a startup he co-founded. The OCCAM work was performed wearing his Cisco hat.