12:45 PM, Thursday, November 1st
Room 104, Gates Computer Science Building

The Social Media Project at HP Labs

Jim Rowson
HP Labs

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About the talk:

HP Labs has started a new project called Social Media. This project is part of a bigger program aimed at improving the lives of individuals, code named Frictionless Mobile Lifestyle. This talk will present the context for the Social Media project (how we selected it, what other projects there are), who the target customer is (teens and preteens), why they should care (they are desperate to socialize and fixated on music and video), what kind of technology we'll be bringing to bear (pervasive, mobile computing), and how we will be approaching the problem (user study and lots of user interaction).

About the speaker:

Jim Rowson has a BS, MS, and PhD from Caltech. He spent 20+ years building tools for chip designers at VLSI Technology, Cadence, and at the startup Redwood. He was CEO of a dotcom called OneSpot and is now a Principal Scientist at HP Labs working on the Social Media project.