12:45 PM, November 9, 2000
Gates Building, Room 104

Paths: Composition is Not (Just) Components

Emre Kiciman,
Computer Science Department,
Stanford University

About the talk:

Today, we are witnessing a tremendous growth in both the number and variety of services available to people via the Internet, from storing address books, to manipulating photographs, and even compiling software. Only a few of these services, however, can interoperate.

In this talk, we present Paths, a framework for composing these types of services into "mega-services." The design principles of our composition framework include an explicit concept of a "composition-time" and enforcing loosely-coupled interactions between services. We contrast these principles to current component frameworks, such as CORBA. These principles enable different styles of composition, each appropriate in different circumstances. We conclude by describing some of the systems we have built using Paths.

About the speaker:

Emre Kiciman is a PhD student at Stanford University, working with Armando Fox in the Software Infrastructures Group(SWIG).

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