12:45 PM, November 2, 2000
Gates Building, Room 104

An Architecture for Content Routing Support in the Internet

Mark Gritter,
Computer Science Department,
Stanford University

About the talk:

The primary use of the Internet is content distribution: delivery of web pages, audio, and video streams to client browsers. Yet the Internet was never architected for scalable content delivery. The results has been a proliferation of proprietary protocols and ad hoc mechanism to meet the growing content demand.

As part of the TRIAD architecture, we introduce an explicit content layer as a natural extension of current Internet directory and routing system. Using name-based routing, content requests can be efficiently directed at the closest replica server, without the need for a centralized DNS service.

About the speaker:

Mark Gritter is a PhD student, working with David Cheriton in the Distributed Systems Group at Stanford University.

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