Stanford Distributed Systems Seminar

12:45 PM, April 12, 2000
Room 150, McCullough Building

Software Infrastructure for an Interactive Workspace

Armando Fox
Stanford University

About the talk:

The Stanford Interactive Workspaces project is developing the computing foundations for bringing reality to ubiquitous computing. We are looking at new types of human/machine interaction including multimodal input, heterogeneous device integration from wall-sized displays to handheld information appliances, and the "invisible" software infrastructure required to support them. In this talk I will describe our progress on the software infrastructure, including applications running in the iRoom that do in fact integrate a variety of devices. From the system software perspective, one of the properties that distinguishes this project from similar previous work is the identification of software infrastructure robustness as a first-class goal; I will talk about some of the approaches by which we are trying to achieve this, its impact on the programming model seen by iRoom application writers, and our early experience making it all real in the context of the Interactive Workroom in the Gates Building.

About the speaker:

Armando Fox is a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University.