Stanford Distributed Systems Seminar

12:45 PM, April 12, 2000
Room 150, McCullough Building

Mobile IP and Cellular Telephony

Charles E. Perkins
Nokia Research Laboratories

About the talk:

Mobile IP is under serious consideration in various working groups as a protocol component for a new cellular infrastructure. Groups within the IETF, 3GPP, and 3GPP2 all have related but distinctive perspectives on how to realize the still-nascent potential offered by Mobile IP. In this talk, I will describe some of these recent developments, concentrating on Mobile IPv6 and AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting). AAA is receiving a lot of attention related to Mobile IP and mobile networking, because service providers need authorization before they can establish a business relationship with mobile computer users that may roam into their area of service. This attention to the profit-making possibilities for mobile networking seems likely to provide a big boost for the deployment of Mobile IP. In this way, AAA will also provide additional impetus for creation of the wireless Internet. All major cellular standardization bodies are making Mobile IP and AAA services an integral part of the new cellular infrastructure. There is also a recognition that IPv6 is crucial for the eventual deployment of billions of IP-addressable wireless devices. I will end this talk by taking a look at the interactions between Mobile IPv6 and AAA, pointing out new areas needing work and making some guesses about the directions that may be taken within the IETF.

About the speaker:

Charles E. Perkins is a Research Fellow at Nokia Research Laboratories, investigating mobile wireless networking and dynamic configuration protocols. He is the editor for several ACM and IEEE journals for areas related to wireless networking. He is serving as document editor for the mobile-IP working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and is author or co-author of standards-track documents in the mobileip, svrloc, dhc (Dynamic Host Configuration) and IPng working groups. Charles is also associate editor for Mobile Communications and Computing Review, the official publication of ACM SIGMOBILE, and is on the editorial staff for IEEE Internet Computing magazine. Charles has authored a book on Mobile IP, and has published a number of papers and award winning articles in the areas of mobile networking, ad-hoc networking, route optimization for mobile networking, resource discovery, and automatic configuration for mobile computers, most of which are available at Charles has served on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) of the IETF, on various committees for the National Research Council, and is currently the general chair for the first annual Mobile Ad Hoc Networking workshop.