12:45 PM, Thursday, January 27, 2000
Room 104, Gates Computer Science Building

Application Outsourcing: The Next Big Thing on the Internet

Peter Newman
Ensim Corporation

About the talk:

The current model for application distribution is deeply flawed. Customers are forced to keep track of the latest version of each software package, to size their desktop machines to have sufficient power to deal with anticipated application load, and to painfully recover from hardware failures. These problems disappear overnight when applications are outsourced to Application Service Providers (ASPs). Potentially, the shift of applications from desktops to ASPs is as powerful and disruptive as the introduction of the World Wide Web. However, ASPs too face severe scaling problems in providing outsourced services to tens of thousands of customers. In this talk, we will outline these problems and describe a novel approach to solving them.

About the speaker:

Peter Newman is the Chief Scientific Officer at Ensim, a Silicon Valley startup enabling the automated deployment of managed services. He was one of the early members of Ipsilon Networks, inventors of IP Switching. Earlier noble failures include designing the first ATM switch to fail commercially and ATM congestion control in the Traffic Management Group of the ATM Forum. In a former life he was a research fellow at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge where in 1989 he received a PhD for research in fast packet switch design.