Stanford Networking Seminar

12:15PM, Thursday June 2, 2011
Gates 104

Packet Generator / Analyzers: A Retrospective

Richard Hay
Test Engineer
Google Platforms

About the talk:
The networking industry employs the use of hardware generator / analyzer devices for a variety of uses. This talk reviews a brief history of specifically ethernet packet blaster devices and various best practice use cases of such gear, As a visual aid there is the NetCom Systems ET-100 Ethernet Analyzer. The device with two 10base5 AUI ethernet ports, no software, and only heads up real time display stats is the first commercial ethernet packet generator / analyzer device (circa 1992). There continues to be use cases for such seemingly simplistic devices and practical application for this kind of solution.

About the speaker:
Richard Hay is a 10 year veteran of the network testing industry. He has worked for two main suppliers of test gear and supported multiple solutions in field labs. He has worked both for the test vendors as a field engineer and as a user/customer who buys the gear to run tests. His current role is as a network tester, researcher, and deployment engineer for Google Platforms.