Stanford Networking Seminar

12:15PM, Thursday May 19, 2011
Gates 104

M-Lab: open platform, open tools and open data for an open Internet

Tiziana Refice

About the talk:
Measurement Lab (M-Lab) is an open, distributed server platform for researchers to deploy broadband measurement tools. Everybody can use these tools to measure the performance of their own Internet connection. All the data collected during users’ tests is made publicly available. M-Lab launched in February 2009, and since then users have run about 0.5 billion tests that have generated more than 300 terabytes of measurement data. The dataset collected by M-Lab provides a unique and open source of information about how the Internet connectivity has evolved over time and across different geographical areas. Researchers and policy makers are actively involved in M-Lab, contributing to the platform, developing new measurement tools and analyzing the collected data. In particular, M-Lab is partnering with the FCC, to support the National Broadband Map, and with the EECC, Greece's telecom regulator. The goal of this talk is to present the results of a preliminary analysis of the M-Lab data and to further extend our collaborations with the research community.

About the speaker:
Tiziana received a Master's Degree in computer engineering at Roma Tre University in 2005 and a Ph.D. in networking at the same university in 2008 with a thesis on root cause analysis in inter-domain routing. She is currently a researcher at Google and is working on Internet performance measurement.