Stanford Networking Seminar

12:15PM, Thursday April 26, 2012
Gates 104

Multipath TCP

Costin Raiciu
University Politehnica of Bucharest

About the talk:
Networks have become multipath: mobile devices have multiple radio interfaces, datacenters have redundant paths and multihoming is the norm for big server farms. Meanwhile, TCP is still only single-path and this makes it very difficult for endpoints to take advantage of network-level redundancy . There are numerous examples of problems caused by this mismatch: for instance, TCP connections are reset when a mobile device exits WiFi coverage despite the availability of 3G connections; and in datacenters random load-balancing often overloads a subset of links leaving parts of the network underutilized. In this talk I will present an overview of Multipath TCP, an extension of TCP that is currently being standardized at the IETF. Multipath TCP enables unmodified applications that today use TCP to function over multiple paths and achieve better performance and better robustness. Multipath TCP also requires no changes to the networks: it works just fine over the existing infrastructure.

About the speaker:
Costin is currently an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of University Politehnica of Bucharest. In 2011 he received a PhD from University College London, working under the supervision of Mark Handley and David Rosenblum. Costin's research interests are mainly in networking; in the recent years he has been working on designing and implementing Multipath TCP.