Stanford Networking Seminar

12:15PM, Thursday February 5, 2009
CIS-X Auditorium

Technology Evolution of Mobile Devices

Sandeep Chennakeshu

About the talk:
Mobile phones have evolved from simple voice based communication devices to mobile internet devices with rich multimedia capability. This talk traces the evolution of these devices from a capability and architecture perspective. The talk will specifically address advances in data speeds, multiple communication modes and RF bands, processor technology, software platforms and auxiliary enabling technologies and associated technology implications. A major challenge with these complex devices is growing power consumption, size and cost. The talk will highlight problems (hardware and software) and possibilities in these areas for future research and development.


About the speaker:
Sandeep Chennakeshu has worked with mobile and wireless technologies for 24 years. During this time he has been involved in the development of products and technology for IS136, GSM, EDGE, IS95/CDMA2000, WCDMA, LTE, Bluetooth and the ACeS Satellite system. He has been awarded over 70 patents. He most recently served as Senior Vice President and Chief Development officer at Freescale Inc. prior to which he was Senior Vice President of Freescale Wireless and Mobile Solution Group. Before coming to Freescale he worked within the Ericsson group as President of Ericsson Mobile Platforms and Chief Technology Officer of Sony Ericsson.