Stanford Networking Seminar

2009-10 Schedule

NetSeminar is held at Gates Building, Room 104. The talk starts at 12:15pm (lunch at 11:45am), unless otherwise mentioned.

Date Speaker Title Slides
September 3
Gates 104
Z. Morley Mao
University of Michigan
Intelligent network measurement for diagnosis and attack defenses  
October 15
Gates 104
Omprakash Gnawali
Stanford University
The makings of CTP Noe  
October 29
Gates 104
Charlie Wiseman
Washington University - St. Louis
The Open Network Laboratory  
November 12
Packard 202
Jure Lescovec
Stanford University
Modeling large complex networks  
December 3
Gates 104
Michael Schapira
Yale University - UC Berkeley
Interdomain Routing: Stability, Security and Selfishness  
January 14
Packard 202
Michael Freedman
Princeton University
Building a service-centric network with SCAFFOLD pdf
February 11
Packard 202
Sanjay Rao
Purdue University
Towards Systematic Design and Configuration of Enterprise Networks  
February 25
Gates 104
Balaji Prabhakar
Stanford University
A Data Center Congestion Control Algorithm: The IEEE 802.1Qau Standard ppt
March 11
Gates 104
Brighten Godfrey
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Building a Highly Flexible Internet: Two Routing Architectures for the Price of One  
April 7
Gates 104
Saqib Raza
UC Davis
Synergistic Network Operations ppt
April 8
Gates 104
Minlan Yu
Princeton University
Scalable Enterprise Networks with Inexpensive Switches pdf
April 22
Gates 104
Roberto Peon - Mike Belshe
SPDY - a clean-slate replacement for HTTP ppt
May 4
Gates 104
Nick Feamster
Georgia Tech
SwitchBlade: A Platform for Rapid Deployment of Network Protocols on Programmable Hardware  
May 6
Gates 104
Victor Bahl
Microsoft Research
Opportunistic Networking via Dynamic Spectrum Access pdf
May 20
Gates 104
Athina Markopoulou
UC Irvine
Blacklisting and Filtering Sources of Malicious Traffic pdf

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