Winter quarter (2003-04).


01/12/04 Welcome to the Winter quarter edition of Netseminar! 
02/17/04 This week's talk, by Darrel Reimer and Nick Mitchell, will be at GATES 104.

Netseminar Schedule Winter 2003-2004 

Date Speaker Abstract and/or Presentation Slides Building/Room
January 15 Tim Roughgarden
UC Berkeley
Selfish Routing and the Price of Anarchy Packard 202
January 22 Devavrat Shah
Stanford University
Design and Analysis of Switch Scheduling Algorithms Packard 202
January 29 Honghui Lu
University of Pennsylvania
Supporting Massively Multiplayer Online Games on Peer-to-Peer Overlays Packard 202
February 5 Cancelled. Cancelled.
February 12 Petros Maniatis
Intel Research, Berkeley
Preserving Peer Replicas by Rate-Limited Sampled Voting Packard 202
February 19 Darrell Reimer, Nick Mitchell
IBM Research
Tools for Problem Determination and Program Understanding for Framework-Intensive Applications Gates 104
February 26 Steven Low
California Institute of Technology
Utility maximization, routing, fairness Packard 202
March 4 Steven Gribble
University of Washington
(1) Modeling multimedia file-sharing traffic, and 
(2) Quantifying the spread of spyware
Packard 202
March 11 Katerina Argyraki
Stanford University
Defending Public-access Sites Against DDoS Attacks Packard 202

What is it?

The goal of the Stanford Networking Seminar is to
  • Build a year-round forum for students and researchers to learn about current trends and new results in networking research.
  • Bring together Stanford networking researchers with disparate interests.
  • Provide a forum for networking researchers with diverse perspectives to collectively discuss current networking research.
It features outstanding networking researchers from academia and industry talking about topics that range from network and communications protocols to distributed system applications and network security.

In the fall and winter quarters the seminar takes place on Thursdays in Packard 202 (directions to the Packard Building). Free lunch (but no drinks) is offered from 12:15-12:40 PM followed by a presentation until no later than 1:30PM. The remainder of the time is reserved for discussion. Currently it is not possible to take this seminar for credit in the fall and winter quarters.

In the spring quarter, this seminar continues as CS 548, the Distributed Systems Seminar, which is offered for credit and is broadcast. Due to the nature of the room, we are not allowed to offer food for this seminar.

Recommended prerequisites for both versions of this seminar are CS244a, CS244b. 

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Driving Directions

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Sponsors and Contact

The Fall 2003-2004 quarter is being partially sponsored by the Stanford Networking Research Center (SNRC)Stanford Networking Research Center

Faculty sponsors include Professors David CheritonArmando Fox, and Nick McKeown. We thank you!

To suggest speakers, request topics or for more information contact the seminar organizers: 

Evan Greenberg
Daniel B. de Faria


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