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Stanford University Networking Seminar

Stanford's NetSeminar is a biweekly seminar covering networking-related topics. Speakers come from academia and industry and the talks are open to the public. When possible, talks will be recorded and posted online. We typically start at 12:15pm (lunch at 11:45am) at Gates Bld — Room 104, unless otherwise mentioned.

NetSeminar is run by graduate students, and it is generously supported by the Stanford Computer Forum.

2015-16 Schedule

Date Speaker Title Slides Video
September 10
Gates 104
Andrew Rice
University of Cambridge
Device Analyzer: 3500 Years of Handset Usage Data pdf watch
October 15
Gates 104
Manikanta Kotaru &
Dinesh Bharadia
Stanford University
Precise localization and high throughput backscatter using WiFi signals pdf watch
October 29
Gates 104
Sanjit Biswas
Large-scale Measurements of Wireless Network Behavior pdf watch
November 11
Packard 202
Raluca Ada Popa
UC Berkeley
BlindBox: Deep Packet Inspection over Encrypted Traffic pdf N/A
December 3
Gates 104
Nandita Dukkipati
TIMELY: RTT-based Congestion Control for the Datacenter pdf N/A
December 9
Gates 104
Ihsan Qazi
Towards Efficient Networked Systems pdf watch
January 28
Packard 202
Jeff Mogul
Making cloud-provider networks better pdf watch
March 31
Gates 104
Changhoon Kim
Barefoot Networks
Programming the Network Dataplane in P4 pdf watch
April 14
Gates 104
Tom Black
Openswitch Network Operation System pdf watch
April 28
Gates 104
Roya Ensafi
Studying the Great Firewall of China: From Internet Filtering to Actively Probing Anti-Censorship Tools pdf N/A
May 16

Gates 104
Kai Chen
Information-Agnostic Flow Scheduling for Commodity Datacenters pdf watch
May 23
Packard 202
Yuliang Li
Fast and efficient flow and loss measurement for data center networks pdf/pptx watch
May 26
Gates 104
Yasamin Mostofi
Robotics and RF: From X-Ray Vision with WiFi to Communication-Aware Robotics pdf N/A


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