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Stanford University Networking Seminar

Kyle Jamieson (University College London)
Bringing Phased Array Signal Processing Indoors to WiFi Networks

12:15pm, Thursday, November 13 2014
Gates 104

Seminar slides and video will be made available in Spring 2015.

About the Talk

Phased array signal processing has long been employed outdoors in radar, underwater in sonar, and underground in seismic monitoring.  But it has only recently made inroads indoors in the context of WiFi networks, where it must cope with strong multipath reflections, packetized data transmissions, and commodity hardware.  I will begin by describing two systems my students and I have worked on: ArrayTrack (NSDI ’13), one of the first fine-grained indoor location systems, and SecureArray (MobiCom ’13), one of the most effective physical-layer based security mechanisms for WiFi networks.  Through the lens of my experiences in building and deploying those systems, I will then discuss a system called Phaser (Best Presentation to Jon Gjengset at MobiCom ’14) that makes such signal processing practical given the real-world constraints of today's WiFi access points.

About the Speaker

Kyle Jamieson is a Senior Lecturer (tenure-track) in the Department of Computer Science at University College London, and Principal Investigator on the European Research Council-funded CHAOSNETS and SmartTap projects.  His research interests are in building real-world wirelessly networked systems that cut across the boundary of digital communications and networking.  His published work includes the ArrayTrack indoor location system (NSDI ’13), the Collection Tree Protocol (SenSys ’09), and TCP HACK (Best Paper, USENIX ’13).  He regularly serves on program committees including ACM MobiCom, USENIX NSDI, and ACM SIGCOMM.  He received the PhD in Computer Science in 2008 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.