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Stanford University Networking Seminar

Lixin Shi (Pi Inc. / MIT)
Orientation-Independent Wireless Charging of Multiple Mobile Devices At a Distance

12:15pm, Thursday, April 13 2017
Gates 104

About the Talk

Each year, consumers carry an increasing number of mobile devices on their person: mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. As a result, users must remember to recharge each device, every day. Wireless charging promises to free users from this burden, allowing devices to remain permanently unplugged. Today's wireless charging, however, is either limited to a single device, or is highly cumbersome, requiring the user to remove all of her wearable and handheld gadgets and place them on a charging pad.

This talk proposes MultiSpot, a new wireless charging technology that can charge multiple devices, even as the user is wearing them or carrying them in her pocket. A MultiSpot charger acts as an access point for wireless power. When a user enters the vicinity of the MultiSpot charger, all of her gadgets start to charge automatically. It achieves this by tracking multiple receivers and focusing the magnetic field from multiple transmit coils in a provably optimal way.

About the Speaker

Lixin Shi received his Ph.D. from MIT in Sep 2015. After graduation, he co-founded Pi Inc. to commercialize the wireless charging technology he proposed in his Ph.D. thesis, and currently serves as Pi's Chief Technology Officer. In addition to wireless charging, his research interest broadly spans wireless networks and signal processing.