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Stanford University Networking Seminar

Teemu Koponon ( VMware )
Structure and Design of Software-Defined Networks

12:00pm, Thursday March 14, 2013
Gates 104

About the Talk

In this talk, I will review lessons learned over the past 5 years from developing and deploying Software-Defined Networks. While many of the original assumptions of SDN have turned out to be less relevant than expected, SDN continues to hold its promise for changing the networks as we know them. I will argue the change will not materialize through any individual improvement, new feature, or new mechanism but through new abstractions and structures further refining our understanding of network design. This talk will focus on two practical examples of such abstractions and structures: network virtualization and network fabric.

About the Speaker

Teemu Koponen was the chief architect and a founding employee at Nicira before joining VMware as part of the Nicira acquisition. He received his PhD from Helsinki University of Technology in 2008 and ever since has been indecisive enough both to work for the industry and yet to remain active within the networking research community. In his research, Teemu has always been obsessed with architectural challenges in networking. He received the 2012 SIGCOMM Rising Star Award