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Stanford University Networking Seminar

Madan Jampani (ON.Lab)
Scaling SDN control plane without sacrificing abstractions and performance

12:15pm, Thursday, March 12 2015
Gates 104

About the Talk

Building a robust distributed SDN controller is a non-trivial problem. Architecting a system that provides high availability and desired levels of state consistency in the face of failures requires tackling some important technical problems. Fortunately, there is a wealth of prior work in distributed systems we can draw upon in order to build one. In this talk I will cover how we tackled this problem in ONOS, a new open source SDN OS. In the talk I will provide a high level overview of ONOS and then focus on various techniques ONOS employs to achieve high availability and performance at scale.

About the Speaker

Madan Jampani is a Architect in ON.Lab focused on ONOS’ distributed core architecture. Prior to joining ON.Lab in Sep 2014, Madan was a Senior Engineer at Amazon for 10 years where he built several large scale distributed systems. At Amazon he built and subsequently co-authored a paper on Dynamo, a distributed key value data store meant to provide very high availability and eventual consistency. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.