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Stanford University Networking Seminar

Francis Turner (ThreatSTOP)
CyberCrime as a Business

12:15pm, Thursday, January 29 2015
Gates 104

About the Talk

How criminal networks use “cloud services” and “Involuntary Contribution Associates” to make money. Criminals are business people too and just as the Internet and related technologies such as cloud computing have revolutionized traditional business models and created new opportunities, so they have for the criminal business. This talk discusses the ways that criminals use the Internet to more efficiently steal money from the rest of us. It includes a discussion of the lifecycle of a machine that gets infected by a Trojan and some examples of how the arms race between criminals and those fighting them has evolved.

About the Speaker

As VP Research & Security, Francis Turner leads ThreatSTOP’s research into computer and network security threats, that is botnets, phishing and other cyber-threats. Francis Turner has worked for almost 30 years in the IT and data communication industries, starting with a stint at IBM in the mid 1980s before reading Computer Science at Cambridge University. Subsequently he worked for Madge Networks and Bay Networks. After the latter merged with Nortel, he became the European Product Manager for their enterprise switching division. In 2001 he left Nortel Networks to be CIO at a small biotech company that was seminal in the use of computation in the analysis and creation of new enzymatic processes. Before joining ThreatSTOP in 2010, he worked at a consultancy firm assisting ICT companies with their multinational product marketing and business development.